Marketing and digitization!!

Marketing and digitization!!

Does the economy fumble if marketing disappear? Why do many companies run after marketing to grow their business? What exactly is marketing?

It’s no secret that marketing helps power businesses. Even the biggest companies in the world rely on marketing to reach their target audience, promote their products and grow their business.

This article is mainly useful for those individuals who just started their career in marketing. It also helps them in providing solutions to a few problematic areas in the current marketing trend.



Digital Marketing as a career is one of the most recommended options by experts in this field. In India, we see many students graduating every year. Not everyone opts to pursue their career in the field they chose during their under grad. We see many young people shifting their careers into those areas which are high in demand in the current market.

Are you choosing to be a programmer but not interested in coding? Are you learning it just because you are paid high? Don’t worry, there are wide options available in the market for those who are not good at coding but can still be a CXO of company.

Now, why digital marketing? What is the scope of digital Marketing?

If you ask me this question, I will definitely say yesss…. But, why? Because, there is a huge demand in this industry. We see lots of startups coming up globally. Every startup has a product but how are they going to take it into the public? For this you need a source of medium which connects startups with public. The only source in today’s world is internet. Internet is everywhere and thanks to Ambani for this. There is a tremendous increase in no of active internet users everyday and it is likely to reach “900mn in 2025″( source: business-standard). This number is really huge and these users are going to be the target audience for many businesses out there.

How do young graduates play a role in making India a global Digital Marketing hub? How do they benefit from this? Is it the right choice to choose DM as a career at your early age?

To make a career in digital marketing or any in any other field is a big challenge today. Most of them really don’t have knowledge that digital marketing is a billion dollar industry. To find a best career, one needs to have a knowledge on the entire global market. It’s not just python or data science or AI that is ruling the world. Every individual needs to know that market is the heart of every company. If one cannot market his product, he cannot generate sales and revenue.

Young individuals with their fresh and enthusiastic minds will find digital marketing as the most exciting, challenging and promising careers. It won’t be like a regular 8 hrs shift or job, if you take up this skill as a passion and believe in this. You need not spend lots of money into learning this as there are numerous sources available online, but you can definitely make lots of money by learning this. This is very affordable and cost efficient skill to acquire.

Benefits of learning digital marketing:

  1. You can start your own agency or run your own business.
  2. You get jobs that pay you high if you are really good at it.
  3. You can become a social media influencer and can train new people by becoming a digital marketing trainer.
  4. You will have the freedom of work, freedom to choose your area of interest and you can work in a desired sector.
  5. You can be a digital nomad, you can travel and earn simultaneously.
  6. You need not graduate from top b-schools or IIMs to become a digital entrepreneur.
  7. You can also freelance few projects in your free time apart from your regular 9-5 job.
  8. You will also get an opportunity to build your own community.

Career paths after you master digital marketing:

  1. Digital marketing freelancer.
  2. Build your own agency.
  3. Get a good job in a company with good package.
  4. Digital mentor for startups.
  5. Digital Marketing teacher/ trainer.
  6. Affiliate marketer/ brand promoter.


This pandemic thought us lots of lessons. One among them is about job security. In this world, no job is permanent. It is always suggested that one should make themselves financially independent and stable. It’s always a good choice to learn a skill and make some passive income out of it. Hence, I suggest that digital marketing is one of the greatest platforms for all those individuals who can make best out of it.

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Thank you and happy reading!!